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In every church, there are people who hold the position of leadership and then there are people who are truly leaders who may not hold any position in your church.

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Look for people who have a track record of handling responsibility in other areas of life and give them the job of leading the church into the future with you. If you actually have leaders leading, it will make a huge difference. Volunteers are unempowered. Sure, small churches may not have the budget to hire other staff, but you have people. Try to do it all yourself and you will burn out, leave or simply be ineffective. Empower volunteers around an aligned strategy and you will likely begin to see progress.

The governance team micromanages. If you need permission every time you need to buy paper towels or repaint an office, you have a governance issue. You need a board who guards the mission and vision and empowers the team to accomplish it and then gets out of the way. This post on governance from Jeff Brodie is gold. Too many meetings.

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I led a church with a grand total of 50 people in attendance. We had 16 elders. Overall, the church was in evening meetings times a week. Why on earth would a church that small need to meet that often? I eventually repurposed most of those meetings to become meetings about vision and reorganization. We also cut the number of elders down.

Free up your time so you and your team can accomplish something significant. Too many events and programs that lead nowhere. Activity does not equal accomplishment. Stop them. Yes people will be mad. Even have the courage to cut some good programs. Good is the enemy of great.

Then go out and do a few great things. The pastor suffers from a desire to please everybody. Many pastors I know are people-pleasers by nature. Go see a counselor. Get on your knees. Do whatever you need to do to get over the fear of disappointing people.

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Courageous leadership is like courageous parenting. And the rest? I realize the diagnosis can sound a little harsh, but we have a pretty deep problem on our hands. And radical problems demand radical solutions. You can read that post here. If you want to move past the tensions that every small and mid-sized church pastor feels, I have some deeper practical help. The Church Growth Masterclass is everything I wish I knew about church growth when I got into ministry more than 20 years ago. Only God can do that. But I believe you can position your church to grow.

You can knock down the barriers that keep you from growing. You can eliminate the things that keep your church from growing and implement some strategies that will help you reach far more people.

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You can learn more and gain instant access to the course today. In the meantime, what have you seen that helps churches push past attendance barriers? Scroll down and leave a comment! Now, according this scripture both the healthy and unhealthy would grow but it is the Fruits that determines the healthy church. In addition, I believe every calling or pastor or church would function accordingly to his or her grace.

This means that, some has been given grace to lead alot of people while some grace to lead few all depending on the destiny and role of that ministry or pastor in focus. I hope this share some light on this issue. Thanks everyone. And God bless you and increase your greatness in Jesus name. If some have the grace to lead many and some the grace to lead few then why do we assert the human aspect into the picture.

Your statement implies the man or woman with the grace to lead few has abilities or gifts that are not seen in the one with the grace to lead many. If not, why would God have not given all the grace to lead many. And if the grace to lead few is an attribute, then why are we even discussing the size of congregations. I fear we want to humanize the scenario by imputing business-like values on the individuals involved and hope nobody notices that the statement implies God is not really in charge.

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That he has not chosen who the leaders may be. Whenever we start thinking that God has ordained everything that is, we give credit where it is not due. I could imagine that much like God allows us to make mistakes so we can learn from them, he allows some less than adequate people into ministry in order that both they and we may see by example the difference between those responding to a calling and those who think they have attained a position of prestige and respect.

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  • Church going people are far too aware of what is taboo conversation and what is heartily received. Because of that The Church lacks the honest conversation required to flourish and grow. Some should have graduated and taken a job selling life insurance door to door. Unfortunately, a church like any organization, does not get to pick the best person for the job. They get to pick what they feel is the best person out of those willing to serve.

    I have no doubt that God has and will put a call on the heart of those who should lead but he does not force them to respond positively.

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    In the meantime we must make due with what we have and that may be a great many who feel that because they wanted the call they actually had it. We all know it could be better and we hold fast to the hope that someone other than us will make it so. We just need to be Contented with what God has given us and where He has placed us. As our calling differs so is the grace attached to the calling. God blesses His Word not the organization. Here again, only His word is blessed. I adhere to the Plymouth Brethren model of church organization. The reason that certain cultic groups are thriving is because when they approach the mark, they train new leadership then, demographically build a new building elsewhere, then like the bee, they hive off.

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    The fellowship should still be small enough where the pastor should be able to at least know everybody in his flock by name. If an Elder has acquiesced to the negatives of your article, then there was something that was missed in the recognition process.

    The cost had not been counted on by that Elder. The prices and sacrifices were not taken into consideration. I am leader of the Epiphany church Narowal Pakistan.