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Java 6 and 7 can still be used for compilation and forked test execution. Just like Gradle 5. The dependency management documentation has been reorganised and structured around use cases to help users find the information they need faster. We've improved the terminology section to explain the commonly used terms. The publication of Gradle Module Metadata is now the default when using the maven-publish or ivy-publish plugins. Many of the features below rely on the production or consumption of additional metadata not found in Ivy or Maven POM files.

Gradle offers an easy way to recommend and share versions between projects called platforms. With Gradle platforms, more context around version declaration are available, versions can be recommended and strict versions are enforced. For interoperability, builds can also leverage integration with Maven BOMs. Gradle uses component capabilities to allow plugins and builds to detect and resolve implementation conflicts between mutually exclusive dependencies.

A well-known example in the JVM world is competing logging implementations.

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Component capabilities let builds configure which dependency to select. Issues with dependency management are often about dealing with transitive dependencies.

Often developers incorrectly fix transitive dependency issues by adding direct dependencies. To avoid this, Gradle provides the concept of dependency constraints to influence the version of transitive dependencies. Dependency version alignment allows builds to express that different modules belong to the same logical group like a platform and need to have identical a.

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When declaring a dependency, a build can provide more context to Gradle about its version, including version preferences within a range, strict version requirements or rejected versions. Developers can also provide human readable descriptions for why a dependency is used or needed. Gradle allows builds to fix or enrich traditional metadata with information that could not be published before, such as dependency constraints, rich versions, capabilities and variants.

These are called component metadata rules. Component metadata rules also make it possible to map additional published artifacts to new Gradle variants. Gradle provides the ability to model optional features of a library. Each feature can have its own set of dependencies and can be consumed separately. With feature variants, Gradle provides first-class support for to create and publish test fixtures. Test fixtures can be consumed by other projects in a multi-project build.

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Using the maven-publish or ivy-publish plugin, this will not only automatically create and publish a -javadoc. This means that you can query for the Javadoc or sources variant of a module and also retrieve the Javadoc or sources of its dependencies.

If activated, a Java and Java Library project automatically provides the javadocJar and sourcesJar tasks. When analyzing the impact of a changed class, the incremental compiler can now exclude classes that are an implementation detail of another class. This limits the number of classes that need to be recompiled. When A is changed, Gradle previously recompiled all 3 source files, even though B did not change in a way that required C to be recompiled.

In Gradle 6. For deep dependency chains, this may greatly reduce the number of files that require recompilation within a compilation task. If A , B and C were all in different projects, Gradle would skip recompiling C through compilation avoidance. Gradle now supports running with Java The Zinc compiler has been upgraded to version 1. Gradle no longer supports building for Scala 2.

To make it easier to select the version of the Zinc compiler, you can now configure a zincVersion property:. Please note that the coordinates for the supported version of Zinc has changed since Zinc 1. If you try to use the com. Tasks that define their inputs or outputs incorrectly can cause problems when running incremental builds or when using the build cache. As part of an ongoing effort to bring these problems to light, Gradle now reports these problems as deprecation warnings during the build.

Deprecation warnings will always show up in build scans regardless of the command-line arguments used. See the user manual for how to address these deprecation warnings. Gradle will now emit a deprecation warning when resolving dependencies, pulling cache hits from a remote build cache, retrieving text resources, and applying script plugins with the insecure HTTP protocol. Their announcements can be found below:.

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