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She has received grants and awards in Hungary and abroad. She has received a number of major awards and grants in the US, Europe and Asia. She lives in London. Her published titles include poetry, novels, short stories, radio plays.

She has received literary prizes for many of her poems and novels. Nicolae Coande is the author of 9 poetry collections and several books of essays. Judith Kuckart is a writer and theatre director who founded and ran the dance theatre Skoronel until She has published many novels. Since then a lot of things have happened and the welfare society is under pressure. Yung-Shan Tsou is a Berlin based Taiwanese artist and writer whose work involves handwriting and bookmaking as conceptual artistic expressions. She has been intensively involved in novel writing since She has the following published novels: The waiting room and A traveler's guide to ride-sharing.

Susan McKay is currently working on a book which brings memory and imagination to bear on stories from places in which the Northern Irish conflict flared up during her childhood. She spent many years covering the conflict as an award winning journalist and commentator. Vladimir Sharov. A historian of medieval Russia, he started as a writer in the late s.

In his novels he attempts to understand the traumas of the Russian-Soviet 20th century. Author of eight novels, a book of essays and a book of poetry, he was awarded the Russian Booker Prize and national Big Book prize for his novel Return to Egypt in His books have been translated into many languages. He is an honorary associate in the philosophy department at the University of Sydney. Anna Matveeva is a russian writer born in Sverdlovsk now Ekaterinaburg in the Urals, into a family of linguists.

After completing her studies at the Ural State University, she worked as a journalist for newspaper and magazines. Anna has published fourteen books of fiction and non-fiction and contribuated to most leading russian periodicals. Tom Pow was born in Edinburgh. Primarily a poet, he has also written young adult fiction, picture books, radio plays and two travel books: one about Peru and one called In Another World— Among Europe's Dying Villages. Denis Hirson lives just outside Paris. He has written seven books in English, most of them crossing the frontier between lyrical prose and narrative poetry, and mainly concerned with the memory of South Africa under apartheid.

His first slim book written in French, and about French, will soon be published. Ben Okri has published ten novels as well as many collections of poetry, short stories and essays. His latest poetry collection, Wild, came out in , and a novel, The Age of Magic, in He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and has received the OBE and numerous international literary prizes.

Adine Sagalyn has written film scripts, radio plays, and edited a book of essays by French women writers exploring their relationships with their fathers. She works as a portrait and fine art photographer. She is currently writing about her grandmother, Suzanne Schwartz, sister of the Russian writer, Samuil Marshak. His works have received grants and awards in Hungary and abroad and been translated into many languages. He will read selections from his poetry and his novels The Autobiographies of an Angel and Mordechai's book. Photo Studio Bakos.

Ses romans abordent l'enfance, l'exil et l'histoire. Jakob Ziguras is a poet, philosopher and translator. The Sepia Carousel is forthcoming in Anne von Canal worked as an editor and translator before she became a writer herself. Her first novel Der Grund was translated into French and Estonian.

She is currently writing her second book, an exploration of friendship, ice and the structure of memory. Katica Garoska Acevska. Il en lira un extrait avec plaisir. Anni Sumari is a Finnish poet, author and translator. She has published 14 books so far, mostly poetry, and translated works by celebrated authors, e. Sumari's poems have been translated into 24 languages. Sa langue maternelle est le francique. Toute son oeuvre parle du corps. She holds degrees from Harvard and Oxford, where she was a Rhodes scholar. She is the co-editor of the first magazine of Chinese contemporary literature in Italian, Caratteri, Letteratura cinese contemporanea.

Silvia is associate professor in Chinese language and literature at the University of Milan-Bicocca. His next novel will be published by La Table Ronde in January His poetry has won many awards.

She is co-editor of the anthology Querida, a collection of literary portrayals of "the mistress. Photo Bonnie Perkinson. She teaches creative writing at Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand and has worked as an editor and writers' festival organiser. Photo Robert Cross. Since its foundation in , it has involved more than students from 48 countries.

The project had its focus on peace in the Mediterranean area, and its activites were implemented in many Mediterranean countries such as Algeria, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Malta, Palestine, Slovenia, Tunisia and Turkey. Through formal and informal education, MusicaEuropa fosters young artists mobility and intercultural dialogue. Another project managed by MusicaEuropa in the past years is the "Arthmos Project", a social project for underprivileged children, promoting the artistic education in primary schools with high percentage of children with fewer opportunities social obstacles, educational difficulties, economic obstacles and cultural differences.

Artisitic education and creativity aim at developing cognitive, relational and emotional capacity, as well as self-esteem and social consciousness in order to keep children away from drop-outs, lack of dialogue and cultural standardization. Theses activities has been implemented from to in the suburbs of Rome and we are now trying to implement similar projects in Palestine, together with the Palestinian Minisitries of Education and Cutlure.

The key focus of the activities of MusicaEuropa are music and arts for professionally targeted musicians, but also as a formative artistic activity of fundamental importance for a better developement of modern society. Additional information: MusicaEuropa is a non-profit association operating in the fields of arts and education, safeguarding the ancient mediterranean musical heritage and implementing international projects to promote music as a tool for intercultural dialogue.

In , thanks to Damiano Giuranna, Alexander Sasha Karlic and other important personalities of the musical world, MusicaEuropa started a research study and to disseminate the music repertoire of folk and traditional music of the Mediterranean basin. This Festival focused its 7-years activity on creating a real exchange between northern and southern Europe, on developing the concept of cultural integration, offering young music students important opportunities of quality training and concrete possibilities of professional growth.

The World Youth Orchestra gathers young students from 16 to 28 years, coming from the best music academies, conservatories and universities of the five continents. The activities include high-level trainings, music master classes held my well known music professors and musicians, participation to international musical events, tours and concerts all over the world. All these activities foster intercultural dialogue, integration and mobility of youth, multi cultural coexistence through formal and informal education thanks to the universal language of music.

More than students from 48 countries have played in the orchestra. In MusicaEuropa created a long term project for the peace and dialogue in the Mediterranean: "World Youth OrchestraMediterranean Tour - The Mediterranean Brotherhood, focussed on the peace in the Mediterranean area. Another project managed by MusicaEuropa and implemented between and in the suburbs or Rome is the "Arthmos Project", a social project for underprivileged children, promoting the artistic education in primary schools with a high percentage of children with fewer opportunities social obstacles, educational difficulties, economic obstacles and cultural differences.

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Safeguarding the intangible heritage through the research on ancient traditional Mediterranean music in the Middle East, in northern Africa and in Europe, has been possible thanks to a series of contributions and influences from the professionals working with MusicaEuropa and various collaborations with leading personalities of the world of music such as Alexander Sasha Karlic, Robert R. Holzer, Nader Jalal, Issa Boulos. Damiano Giuranna committed himself to the research of the ancient musical Mediterranean heritage following the teachings of Alexandar Sasha Karlic and Moni Ovadia.

During 15 years of activities he has gathed hundreds of songs and instrumental music in Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. He has studied also the ancient Sephardic music in Spain and Greece. The execution of these compositions has been performed in many countries, giving a concrete contribution to the safeguarding and widespreading of a precious musical heritage. Additional information: MusicaEuropa in the past years has managed different projcet which had the aim to create a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration.

The "Arthmos Project", a social project for underprivileged children, promoting the artistic education and the ancient Mediterranean. Social activities like art and music stress the importance of the interpersonal relation leading to a better listening of the other and thus the developing a feeling of brotherhood.

In accordance with the Art. MusicaEuropa organizes annual workshops, advanced training and high-formation courses for young musicians from all over the world. The Association has promoted and organized courses dedicated to schools of every grade in Italy and in several countries in Europe and the Middle East, focusing in particular on the ancient traditional music of the Mediterranean area with a particular attention on the influences, on the different styles, on the structure, on the performing techniquest with a deep work of research.

A particular significance has been given for these events by the participation of the community, helping to raise the awareness amongst individuals and groups of people on the wonderful musical intangible heritageof the Mediterranean basin and particularly on the ancient folk Mediterranean music. This shared by the community participation has passed knowledges and a great strenght capable of transmitting the artistic cultural heritage. The exchange of information and experiences among young people has been an important element for these project and a fundamental value for Musica Europa, in accordance with the Paragraph N.

Learning from the knowledge of the other is a way to enrich one own's cultural background and therefore a way to preserve and transmit the cultural heritage.

The Union helps to learn and form the public opinion about carpet-making art, legal rug products, and it also helps the stimulating of the raising of the creative work mastery of the physical persons, popularization of quality and special signs of our national culture and handicrafts to determine various examples of carpets and also helps theirs popularization and demonstation in Azerbaijan and the world. The NGO collaborates with local and international organizations of carpet-making art, including museums and also with legal and physical persons, as well as the state agencies.

The Unity organizes different trainings and workshops, round tables and meetings, exhibitions, charitable fundraising, conferences, other cultural and other mass measures; dissiminates information about purposes and activities, publishes print materials. The Carpetmakers' Union organises regular trainings in technique of pileless carpets at the the Museum of the Azerbaijan carpet.

Communities of carpet weavers demonstrate the works at various exhibitions. So, in the national competition-festival of carpets in various zones of the country was organised. In , works of national weavers were shown in one of the Days of the Azerbaijan culture in Basel. Besides, the following national laws were adopted: in the Law on import-export of cultural objects, in - the Law about folklore, in - ratification of the Convention of UNESCO on Protection of intangible Cultural heritage. In , , and , three international symposiums of the Azerbaijan carpet were organised in Azerbaijan.

L'histoire de l'islam et du prophète Mohamed 🌙

In 4th symposium devoted to the anniversary of Ljatif Kerimov took place in UNESCO headquarters in Paris where the exhibition of artists works also was organised. Kerimov and Materials of 4th symposium about the Azerbaijan carpet.