Heart Of Fire: A fantasy romance

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Heart on Fire

Average Review. Write a Review. Heart on Fire 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Not much action and too much whining by main character. The 1st book in the series was the best of the trilogy. Anonymous More than 1 year ago But still pretty good. Taylor Parker More than 1 year ago 4. In this final installment, questions were answered, amends were made, lines were crossed, and I loved every minute of it. Bouchet did a fantastic job of weaving greek mythology into her story without it feeling forced.

In many books, gods are shoved into little boxes and made to feel disconnected and cruel or practically useless in order to either emphasize their power or their humanity. Bouchet was able to include a plethora of mythological beings in her writing without creating either of those feelings, the plot flowed seamlessly around these characters and actually answered a lot of questions that arose from their involvement in the previous books. You saw the light when all I saw was the dark. You made me believe there was more to me than the blood I've shed, the sister I lost, or the realm I abandoned.

You broke through the dread in me and filled the emptiness inside me with hope. I cannot get enough of Griffin and Cat, throughout the entire trilogy Amanda Bouchet was able to make them feel real, and that is what makes this trope so perfect. I hate it when books force a couple, or it's instalove and everything just feels cheap, but no. Throughout these books we have been able to watch Griffin and Cat grow together and in turn watch Cat become the hero that she was meant to become. This wasn't easy love, this was gut churning, heart wrenching, you-and-me-forever love. I really appreciated the character development in this final book.

Cat has been growing throughout the books, but I think the growth she achieved in this book was exactly how it needed to end- she found balance.

Heart of Fire- ON HOLD

Throughout the entire trilogy Cat has struggled to hold tightly to her humanity at the cost of her loved ones, her health, and so much more. However, in this book Cat also manages to Michael Jordan dunk her way across THE line and waves at her humanity on the other side, completely abandoning the morality that she struggled so much to maintain, but she had to. I won't get into the details to avoid spoilers but holy smokes when you get to chapter She had to cross that line in order to find the balance she needed, and that made this book so much better because Cat is flawed.

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She is flawed and stubborn and has too little self-esteem, but she is so real. Cat is you, Cat is me, she is each of us when we are thrust into a destiny we cannot control. I feel like Bouchet not only wrote a beautiful story, but she jam packed it with a ton of life lessons that we could apply to so many things.

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I thoroughly enjoyed watching Cat grow and face real life problems in her larger-than-life, mythological problems. She faces and learns to solve real problems like Carver's alcoholism and her self-trust and self-esteem issues. Can we talk about Cat's trust and self-esteem issues for a minute? Honestly, this is one of my only complaints about the book. For so long, Cat will not trust herself.

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She's queen, she leads an army, she plans to unite all of Thalyria and yet she will not trust herself. And this mistrust leads to long, very drawn out dialogues in her head that it really stilts the story. I understand that this is a huge piece of the plot, and I think it's valuable, I just think many of her self-loathing thoughts could have been left out while still maintaining all the.

BananaTricky More than 1 year ago Three and a half stars. Oh dear, what a disappointment. The climax to the Kingmaker Chronicles trilogy was, I'm sad to say, a bit of a yawn. Spoilers ahead for the first two books. At the end of the second book Cat and Griffin have conquered two of the three parts of the ancient Thalyria. Griffin and his non-magical family overthrew the magical family which previously ruled Sinta, Griffin being the Beta Sinta and his elder sister being the Alpha.

In the second book Cat, Griffin and their friends gain access to the ruling family of Tarva by winning the Agon Games and, with the help of two of the minor Tarvan royals kill the Tarvan Alpha and become the King and Queen. Now the only remaining realm is that ruled by Cat's psychotic mother Alpha Fisa.

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Where to start? First, I couldn't work out which of Cat and her mother was the greatest fool. Cat's mother had the advantage of being more mature, having control of her magic, and being hard-hearted yet she signally failed to kill Cat on several occasions, because just like a Bond villain she liked to toy with her victims and gloat.

And don't get me started on the smexy times, I mentioned it in both the previous books as being excessive and out of place but jeez, you are supposed to be building tension for the grand confrontation and we kept detouring into kissy-kissy. The gods and goddesses interfere so much in this book, and admit they have interfered time and time again that frankly Cat and Griffin just became puppets, puppets to whom the gods gave absolutely no instructions!

I know the gods and goddesses are capricious and have vision beyond the ken of humans but it just left me with the feeling that nothing Cat did or didn't do had any meaning. Added to which Cat seemed to go off into deep navel-gazing sessions where she realised that she was a very special snowflake indeed and I just lost interest.

Even the final confrontation was a bit meh. In retrospect I wish I had left the series at the end of the first book. Cat faces fierce battles, not all of which are physical, a challenging quest, and finds herself thrown into one particularly dark and difficult ordeal. Together, Cat and Griffin are forging a new world between the three previously separate and often warring provinces of Tarva, Sinta, and Fisa.

Cat desperately needs to figure how to use her frustratingly erratic God-given powers which will enable her to be triumphant. Her path to victory comes with many hard choices. She has the perfect man at her side in Griffin whose love and confidence helps Cat become everything she is meant to be. With his unconditional love and unwavering support, Griffin shows Cat no matter where the journey takes her, he will be right by her side.

Her own worries and self-doubt are perhaps the truest enemy if not the most tangible one. Cat sees herself as too damaged to be the queen she is meant to be. Griffin's love and support empowers Cat to overcome self-loathing and crippling uncertainty giving her the strength to take wing and fly. She wants people to see life can be good when lived with joy and peace rather than brutality, neglect, and the abuse they have known.

Cat must convince herself though as well that the Gods are on her side.

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However, the Gods are often far from benevolent, Cat finds their interactions less than helpful and frequently maddening. The capricious meddling Gods have quite a few surprises, not all of them pleasant, in their master plan for her and Griffin. Soon to become a mother herself, Cat has even more reason to fight with every fiber of her being to establish a new world order. Cat embodies my favorite kind of fantasy heroine.

I love the combination of her courage, strength, stubbornness, and self-sacrificing loyalty thrown together with a little bit of crazy, but laced with humor to lighten a very heavy load.

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Cat never gives up or loses hope though she may falter in the darkest places. I thoroughly enjoyed this exceedingly well done book. The world and characters Amanda Bouchet has created hit all the right marks of action, adventure, and romance. It is such a pleasure to read a very satisfying and well-wrought end to this most enjoyable trilogy.