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Some of the hydrogen was also tapped-off to be ignited by a battery powered element in the jet pipe. The resulting flame ignited the fuel when the weapon was fired.

Being under fire: flammenwerfer and liquid fire in | English Words in War-time

The weapon could fire a jet of flame to a distance of metres for a duration of up to 10 seconds. Show more.

Object associations Associated people and organisations. German Army.

Related objects. Comradeship, which breeds simple faith, fine endurance, noble self-sacrifice rising to self-obliteration. What a splendid virtue! To see it on the battlefield, under fire , is to see it transfigured, consecrated into the sublime Daily Express 10 Sept Fire-screens in uses still unrecorded in the OED and fire-steps become—among a range of other forms — other common components in narrating conflict at this time:. A major led his men instead of using them in the conventional fashion as a fire screen , and was shot down before he had gone twenty feet.

A rch-firebug in a particularly Germanic compound was similar, while c arbonize , as other posts on this site have explored, likewise comes into marked prominence in early news reporting and atrocity propaganda. Being under fire could, in such instances, be rendered strikingly literal.

It would be an easy matter for a brigade of these well-trained incendiaries to set Brussels ablaze from end to end in an hour. Following came the bearers of heavy tubes of petrol fitted with sprays, with which they drenched the woodwork and furniture of each room thus exposed, then the firelighters with their long torches, smeared with a substance which makes them glow like live coals and emit an intense heat without flame.

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Dated to September , the firing of Belgian cities such as Louvain is thereby depicted as a two-stage process. Fire-lighters sense 1 are devices which spray petrol which are used to prepare the ground. As other articles explore, however, still more terrifying was the conflation of these two stages by means of a single weapon.

This yielded another new word together with a range of associated synonyms. F lammenwerfer, recorded in the OED only from September , hence took its place among a trio of similarly destructive forms in which alien German origin was unambiguous see also minenwerfer and grenadenwerfer. It has been reported that the Germans have again been using Flammenwerfer , or engines for throwing burning liquid , against the French. As in this example, word and a form of explanatory gloss could be used in conjunction, in ways which removed any residual uncertaintly as to what might be involved in this new form of attack.

The French official communique of last Saturday reported the use by the Germans of this apparatus for throwing blazing petrol into the trenches.


The irony of this act of registration — given the use of the weapon itself on French troops in October — was presumably not lost on its original readers. Similar is an article in the Evening News from April They had ready all the technical equipment, such as Minenwerfer and various ballistic engines throwing every kind of missile, electric and other light projectiles, rockets, flares, incendiary shell, and pumps for spurting blazing oil or pitch, which were the outcome of careful and elaborate experiments made in peace in anticipat ion of the war for which they have been making ready.

The first substantive encounter between British troops and the alien flammenwerfer, however, took place only at the end of July at Hooge in Flanders. Seen in lexical terms, this led to a striking productivity of available words as writers sought to convey the reality of attacks of this kind. Flame projectors , flame-throwers , and flame squirters all appear, for instance, providing a set of loan-translations which variously render flammenwerfer into its component parts in English.

Here, too, readers were often forced to confront word and meaning simultaneously. One of the German liquid fire projectors — the so-called f lammenwerfer — such as were used against our troops at Hooge on July 30 has been captured.