Der Freiheitsbegriff von Sartre (German Edition)

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Existentialism became extremely popular in the postwar period and has had a lasting influence on the everyday consciousness of many people up to the present time. Inspired by philosophers such as Bergson, Descartes, Husserl and Heidegger, he dared to develop a phenomenological ontology which was able to do without a Creator who laid the foundations for the freedom of human beings.

Theology very soon contradicted Sartre's popular assertions and denounced him as a libertine atheist, but did not examine the theory behind these assertions. Thomas Ebinger provides a detailed analysis of the origins and the inner logic of Sartre's doctrine of freedom as well as a study of the phenomena he describes and shows that a Christian understanding of freedom can manage without the aporiae which Sartre was unable to solve. German description: Sartre hat mit Das Sein und das Nichts in Gestalt einer Freiheitslehre die theoretische Begrundung seines Existentialismus vorgelegt, der in der Nachkriegszeit extrem popular wurde und bis heute das Alltagsbewusstsein vieler Menschen pragt.

Inspiriert von Denkern wie Bergson, Descartes, Husserl und Heidegger wagt er den Versuch einer phanomenologischen Ontologie, die ohne einen Schopfergott auskommt, der die Freiheit des Menschen begrundet. Die Theologie hat Sartres popularen Aussagen fruh widersprochen und ihn als libertinistischen Atheisten denunziert, ohne sich mit der dahinter stehenden Theorie auseinanderzusetzen.

Die detaillierte Analyse der Genese und inneren Logik von Sartres Freiheitslehre sowie die Untersuchung der von ihm beschriebenen Phanomene zeigt, dass ein christliches Freiheitsverstandnis ohne die Aporien auskommt, die Sartre nicht auflosen konnte. Cambridge University Press, explains how Hegel's Science of Logic defends Kant's idea of freedom as going beyond finite "inclinations", contra skeptics such as David Hume. Article on Neo-Kantianism by a translator and scholar of Kant. Nicolai was a realist who later rejected the idealism of Neo-Kantianism, his anti-Neo-Kantian views emerging with the publication of the second volume of Hegel University of Minnesota Press, See especially fragments Nos.

See "Foucault, Michel, —" entry by Maurice Florence. Archived 17 February at the Wayback Machine. Variations on Kantian Themes. Creating the Kingdom of Ends. Cambridge University Press, Kant and the Mind.

Philosophisches Kopfkino - Freiheit

See also, Meerbote, R. Historical Foundations of Cognitive Science. Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action.

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General introductions to his thought [ edit ] Broad, C. Bloomsbury Publishing , The Doctrine of the Faculties. Kant and his Predecessors. Harvard University Press, Cassirer, Ernst. Kant's Life and Thought. Translation of Kants Leben und Lehre. Collections of essays [ edit ] Firestone, Chris L.

Manual Der Begriff der Freiheit bei Jean-Paul Sartre (German Edition)

Kant and the New Philosophy of Religion. Essays on Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Proceedings of the International Kant Congresses. Several Congresses numbered edited by various publishers.

Theoretical philosophy [ edit ] Allison, Henry. Clarendon Press, one of the first detailed studies of the Dialectic in English. Kant and the Claims of Knowledge. Cambridge University Press, modern defense of the view that Kant's theoretical philosophy is a "patchwork" of ill-fitting arguments. Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics. Jeffrey Edwards et al. Macmillan, influential commentary on the first Critique, recently reprinted.

Kant and the Capacity to Judge. Kritik der Kantischen Philosophie. Pennsylvania State University Press.

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The Bounds of Sense: Routledge, the work that revitalized the interest of contemporary analytic philosophers in Kant. Is he different from his enemies? What are the differences? If even the superheroes reveal monstrous characteristics, why do we not perceive them as monsters themselves? Does it depend on their relationship with the villains? However, these monsters sometimes are born inside the society, and maybe they are not so different from us as we would like to think.

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