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Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

We'll crack our whips like a thunderbolt nor care what some folks say. And a running we'll bring home them cattle at Narome On the far Barcoo and the Flinders too a thousand mile away. Knee deep in grass we've got to pass, the truth I'm bound to tell, Where in three weeks the cattle get as fat as they can swell.

As fat as they can swell, my boys, a thousand pound they weigh On the far Barcoo and the Flinders too a thousand mile away. So put me up with a snaffle and a four or a five inch spur, And fourteen foot of greenhide whip to chop the flaming fur. Only by taking a step back and making constructive suggestions that improve the quality of studies and how they are reported, will we be able to enhance the credibility and quality of the evidence in spine care overall.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles: The State of Sustainability Leadership

Hence I am proud of the authors who were willing to stick their necks out and contribute to a brand new spine journal. By sharing their research in EBSJ, they are starting the process of systematically and profoundly changing the way we deliver spine care, by incorporating evidence into our practices in a clinically meaningful fashion.

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I very much respect and appreciate the authors who submitted to our first issue for taking the first actual steps in our journey. As spine care professionals, our first priority is to provide our patients with the highest quality of care possible; this includes consideration of the very basic evidence that what we do is beneficial and acknowledging what the limitations may be.

As teachers—whether through AOSpine courses, in our hospitals, or at our medical schools—we should increasingly rely on scientifically founded, evidence-based materials to replace the more subjective impression-based teaching contents of the past.


Our literature must provide a higher quality of evidence so that we can practice and teach from an evidence-based perspective, including understanding where the evidence falls short. Whether we like it or not, as healthcare systems around the world increasingly feel economic constraints, mounting pressure will be placed on our spine community to provide high quality evidence of efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and cost-effectiveness to support funding and reimbursement decisions.

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This process can be a most painful one, especially if changes in customary health care delivery models are brought forth. The discussion should include objective review of the studies, always with an eye towards leaving room for human exceptions and with an understanding of the limitations of research to provide conclusive evidence for all situations. Our own literature must provide a consistently higher quality of evidence that effectively documents the efficacy, effectiveness and safety of what we do so that policy and decision makers have a clear picture of the strengths and limitations of what we do.

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With EBSJ, we have an opportunity to move forward on the journey, a grand march, toward higher quality research and evidence in our field. I invite you as a reader, author or reviewer to join in our mission of setting the stage for evidence-based practice and influencing the future of spine surgery. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Evid Based Spine Care J. Jens Chapman. Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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Country: USA. Language: English.

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